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Do your teens need help to become a better Hockey/Ringuette player and have more fun on the ice??? You need to get them trained with our Youth Training Program.
These sessions will help them with their agility, strength and  cardiovascular training. As well as a strong core!  These young athletes then can use these techniques to better perform and stay safe on the ice.

Ringuette Des Moulins Team

PICTURES : Ringuette Des Moulins Team from Mascouche

Hockey/Ringuette parents need to ignore the myths that training at a young age is harmful – it’s only harmful if the kids are following programs not suitable for them , if they are using heavy weights, and are performing the training with poor technique.Ringuette Des Moulins
Smart training techniques can help set up your child’s athletic potential for the future, so do your kid a favor and help them become the star hockey player on their team!
At Get Real Fitness we can train your kids to become just that 🌟🌟
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ringuette team Des MoulinsRinguette Team Des Moulinsringuette team Des Moulins